Monday, December 17, 2012

Transistion Phase Activating

Hey all you radio listeners and internet hoppers, this is your sarcastic yet edgy host Symone broadcasting to you, news about a major change to the MoodRose Radio blog. So here's what's up, besides the big blue sky, the MoodRose Radio show had its final broadcast last Thursday and now its time for a change. I had a blast running my own radio show in the morning and it will be an experience I will never forget. But if you guys think that my blog is going down just because my radio show is not on the air any more, think again! Many thought my broadcast of fashion and celeb  news on the show were majorly wicked, which can explain the  major spike of followers to my Twitter account! So for those who have the same if not more passion about fashion than me, with a dash of celebrity news, I think the blog will transform from radio blog to fashion/celeb news blog. That's right, I going to give a shot at becoming a bay area fashion blogger. I have always given this some thought and with ever growing, massive and creative thoughts running through my mind, I thought it time to put my plan to action. If any of you think I have a shot being a bay area fashion blogger than keep on following and reading the blog. POST Comments, there is nothing that I love more than hearing feedback from the readers.(and maybe a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps) So I know that my blog hasn't been that active lately, but with winter break around the corner and with massive time to waste writing different posts such as boutique and thrift store hunts, the store of the week, and stylish students and people in the city by the bay. 

So if you guys being to see any major changes to the blog's appearance than you know that MoodRose Radio will transform into an edgy new fashion blog! But don't worry this blog will still keep its original edge. Remember there is more than meets the eye, (there I did a transformers quote and I'm glad). See you later guys and good luck with your finals if your a student!