Monday, December 17, 2012

Transistion Phase Activating

Hey all you radio listeners and internet hoppers, this is your sarcastic yet edgy host Symone broadcasting to you, news about a major change to the MoodRose Radio blog. So here's what's up, besides the big blue sky, the MoodRose Radio show had its final broadcast last Thursday and now its time for a change. I had a blast running my own radio show in the morning and it will be an experience I will never forget. But if you guys think that my blog is going down just because my radio show is not on the air any more, think again! Many thought my broadcast of fashion and celeb  news on the show were majorly wicked, which can explain the  major spike of followers to my Twitter account! So for those who have the same if not more passion about fashion than me, with a dash of celebrity news, I think the blog will transform from radio blog to fashion/celeb news blog. That's right, I going to give a shot at becoming a bay area fashion blogger. I have always given this some thought and with ever growing, massive and creative thoughts running through my mind, I thought it time to put my plan to action. If any of you think I have a shot being a bay area fashion blogger than keep on following and reading the blog. POST Comments, there is nothing that I love more than hearing feedback from the readers.(and maybe a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps) So I know that my blog hasn't been that active lately, but with winter break around the corner and with massive time to waste writing different posts such as boutique and thrift store hunts, the store of the week, and stylish students and people in the city by the bay. 

So if you guys being to see any major changes to the blog's appearance than you know that MoodRose Radio will transform into an edgy new fashion blog! But don't worry this blog will still keep its original edge. Remember there is more than meets the eye, (there I did a transformers quote and I'm glad). See you later guys and good luck with your finals if your a student!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Rihanna Album Review

Hey all you styling and rocking listeners and internet surfers, this is your sassy host Symone here giving you the lastest on what's new on the music bloodstream. First let me say, I hope you guys had a great, relaxing, and strategic Thanksgiving Break! I add the strategic part to this greeting because there had to be strategies and game plans after the major rush on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Anyway time to give you a first for the MoodRose Radio Show, an album review by yours truly and my 1st album reiview is on Rihannia's latest album Unapologetic! How I got my hand on the CD is simple to answer, BEST BUY! The store had a special on the new album by selling it for $10! Sweet deal wasn't it!?!

To begin with my review is to stay that Rihanna is really starting to evolve into a A-rank songtress with her unique mix of songs, that contain soon to be memorable beats and rhythms. If you guys haven't heard yet, the song Diamonds off the album is more than likely to be a chart-topper especially with its soothing tones yet thumping beats to keep you moving. Other songs like "What Now" and "Stay" give off a more dark romantic vibe which seems to be a common theme with some of Rih-Rih's love songs. After listening to the CD for a record of 50 times after purchasing it, I have to say its has potential to become a chart-topper. Its also a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Rih-Rih! So that's my first album review, but if you guys think there more to the album than post your comments about it on the MoodRose Radio Facebook page.

Since I'm not a fan of goodbyes, I leave you guys with a music video off of Rih-Rih's new album and a personal favorite. So without further ado, here's Rihanna with a "Diamonds" music video!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fashion + Celebrity News (Thanksgiving Special!!)

Hey all you radio listeners and online shakers, this is your celebrity news hunter and radio host Symone giving you the latest in fashion reality tv show news of this Thanksgiving season. Remember the the firings of Mr. and Mrs. J and Nigel Barker, from the guilty pleasure of ANTM (America's Next Top Model)? Well word on the reality TV street is that Nigel Barker is going to be the host of a  new fashion reality tv show, The Face.

The Face, a new modeling competition series by Oxygen Media, is having well-known names from the industry on the show such as Coco Rocha, Karolina Kurkova, and Tyra Banks' modeling rival, Naomi Campbell. So far the show has been seen on the social media web as The Noami Campbell show despite having former ANTM judge Nigel Barker as the show's host. Yet the real question with this news, is whether or not that this is Nigel's way for pay back at Banks by working with her former rival, Campbell? In my opinion, I don't think it is because Nigel did stated that the of ratings of ANTM were going down, so he wasn't surprised that he was going to be cut from the show.

But while you curious cats speculate this recent news, the show is already starting its open casting call phase, which is the perfect time to shine. So if you think you have what it takes to walk down the runway and become one of the new and big model names of the industry, check it out and sign up. I think this show will be nothing short of exciting if the executive producer of the show is Andrew Frank, the genius behind The Amazing Race and Survivor. But don't get to excited, the show won't air til 2013.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Theme Song of This Week and Thanksgiving Closeout/Greeting

The theme song of this week is Signs by Bloc Party. I first heard this mysterious and spine-chilling song through my new favorite show, Gossip Girl. The soothing  yet chilling tones of the song can make you feel like time has slow down for you, giving you the chance to fix your mistakes or realize the ones you just made.  Quick Bio time, Bloc Party is a British indie rock band, composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Lissack (lead guitar), Gordon Moakes (bass guitar, synths, backing vocals, glockenspiel), and Matt Tong (drums, backing vocals). Inspired by bands the Cure, Radiohead, Mogwai, and Souixsie and the Banshees, this groups's soft yet lyrical songs can make you feel and easy throughout a day of anxiety and stress. I would recommend looking at there other songs and seeing if there are other bands similar to them out if you really like their music it doesn't hurt to see if you find more of it from different places around the world. As an avid music hunter, I try to expand my horizons of music and with different and unique methods to find music that might grab your interests its always fun to find it, listen, and see if it would be you next favorite musician, artist, or band. For the Thankgiving holiday, I'm closing out to say happy music hunting through the reasonable deals of Amazon and remember once Black Friday rolls around, its time to whip out the best and funkiest Christmas music you can find to really get into the holiday spirit. So happy Black Friday prep and shopping and most importantly have a happy Thanksgiving. As an Thankgiving gift below is the chance to listen to the song Signs by Bloc Party from their album Intimacy. See you soon!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Theme Song for this Week - Arrietty's Song from the Secret World of Arrietty

Theme Song for this week show is Arrietty's Song from the last Studio Ghibli film, the Secret World of Arrietty. These song really ties into the theme mood of this week show and its also give you a chance to daydream through the soothing voice and harp melody of French musician Cécile Corbel. Corbel performed song, as the film's theme song, in Japanese, English, French, German, and Italian. I highly recommend listening to the Japanese and French version of the song too ( they sound so romantic, in my personal opinion!) So tune in if you want to listen to the song played on this week show. Listen in at 9am tomorrow morning on the online radio station KSFS Radio @ Tune in, Listen in, and Enjoy.Keep on rockin and keep on stylin listeners and online shakers!

Preview of Tomorrow's Show

Hey online shakers and radio listeners, this is the spooktastic Symone giving you the 411 on the possibilities and possibles on tomorrow's show. Possibilities for tomorrow show is the update on Hurricane Sandy and how it could possible turn a profit for some shops in the NYC. Another is the fan reaction of SF Giant's World Series Win, the Parade, and the best dressed or costume for the parade, Halloween, or both! A true blue possible for the show tomorrow my talk about how fashion is inspiring a bigger voter turnout this year, is it thanks to the fashion feud between Ann Romney and Michelle Obama? Whose the best dressed lady of politics? I give you the dets and you decide! The show will include the weekly news from the fashion, music, and film industries to keep those who want to be well-informed about the ins and outs of the entertainment world of today. And last but certainly not least is my celebrity spotlight spot, where I bring you the latest in celebrity gossip and giving you my own heartfelt opinions about the matter, and when I mean heartfelt I mean I can either bash it or praise it. So if your interested in hearing a sassy girl giving you the latest in celebrity gossip with her own sarcastic opinions to top it off like the icing on the cupcake, then tune tomorrow at 9am at I will also post up the theme song for this week show, which I'm sorry to say that it won't be Halloween or Thanksgiving related. Like I could find a song for Thanksgiving anyway. So look out for my next post coming soon for the weekly theme song and tune in tomorrow @ 9am at to hear your edgy host here give you the latest dish in entertainment, talk, and gossip. See ya then!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Celeb Gossip Spot

Hey online shakers and radio listeners, host Symone here and ready to give you the dish of the latest celebrity gossip, Halloween style. Remember the Halloween costume ex-power couple, Seal and Heidi Klum, well sources say that while Klum was in New York planning  her own Halloween costume  bash (Which was recently cancel on account of Hurricane Sandy) her ex-hubby was seen wearing a NBA costume with a mystery gal who was also coordinating with Seal's NBA costume, heading to a Halloween Bash in Sol Cal. Is she a new partner for Seal during the Halloween season or a future beau on the horizon? Other Halloween celebrity romance gossip, while Chris Brown was partying the night away in an "interesting" costume, another guest at the same party was Brown's ex-GF Karrueche Tran. Was Rihi AKA Rihanna peeved to find out that the Brown and Tran were at the same party? Its hard to tell but it doesn't hurt to be curious. I spilled the gossip and left you questions, so you decide if its truth or rumor? Til then Happy Halloween.... 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrity Spotlight - Halloween Costume Edition

Hey online shakers and radio listeners, this is your host Symone giving you the latest in celebrity news/gossip/rumors. For this week post, its all about Halloween and how to celebrate the spooky holiday and what's a better way to celebrate than through costumes and parties. So grab a cold drink, your smartphone, and an open mind to the latest in rumors, news, and gossip, for this Halloween edition of Celebrity Spotlight.

Christina Aguilera
was donned in a super "seductive" (if that what she would call it), with a shredded top/skirt combo, visible pumpkin-colored bra, stiletto boots, fishnets, and a pink afro wig. Along with her somewhat risque costume is her BF Matt Rutler, who was more donning the simple knight in shining costume which probably easier to comprehend than his GF's costume.
 Christina Aguilera

Julianne Hough + Ryan Seacrest
were seen wearing a Bonnie and Clyde costumes for producer Mike Meldman's costume party in Beverly Hills. The costume were mainly based on the 1967 film starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.
 Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough

Hilary Duff + Husband Mike Comrie 
were double-dating with Hough and Seacrest at producer Mike Meldman's costume party in the 90120 in their Day of the Dead skeleton costumes.  Perfect costume coordination on their part and they remain responsible parents when they left their 7-month baby Luca with a sitter.
 HillaryDuff, MikeComrie

Sean P. Diddy
was attending the Playboy Mansion party last Saturday as Prince from his Purple Rain age. He even brought a guitar to complete the look. Hope that Diddy doesn't get slapped with a lawsuit by the Royal Badness himself.
Sean Combs

Kim Kardashian 
 was donned in a mermaid costume that she said was Ariel of the Little Mermaid. But if you look closer at the pic, she looks more like Madison from the movie Splash. Kayne West, Kim's BF, had his own nautical-theme costume to coordinate with his GF's costume.
 Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Stacy Keibler 
was seen in sexy-black dress w/ a black masquerade mask for the Halloween Masquerade @ Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas hosted by Dom Pergnon. Even w/o her BF George Clooney, Keibler remains stylish on the red or in this case black carpet. Rumor has it she purchased her costume from Venice, Italy.
 Stacy Keibler

Russell Simmons
was donned in a Run-D.M.C. for the Halloween Bash @ the Playboy Mansion last Sat. Even when he was partying it up with Diddy, he dons the costume to a T from the tracksuit, gold chain, and the Adidas sneakers, the same ensemble that made the rap group famous.
 Russell Simmons

These celebs in costumes in only the tip of the iceberg of the celebs celebrating the Halloween spirit so if you want to know which celebs donned outrageous costumes for Halloween and the stories circulating the outfits then listen in on Thursday @ 9am on KSFS Radio @ Til then Happy Halloween week everyone.


Fashion Nostalgia - Jem and the Holograms (Part II)

Hey all you radio listeners and online shakers, this your host Symone giving you the latest in fashions, past present and future!

Now a long time along I had a post that recap the fashion from our past. Whether it's from different people, situations, TV shows, movies, etc. For my first post, I choose the TV show that really amazed me with its fashion of that time era and plot line of the story, Jem and the Holograms. The last post was mainly about the main character of the story Jerrica Benton and her alter-ego Jem, but she's not the character who mainly causes the drama in the show. In fact 2 bands that mainly cause troubles and drama for the Jem and the Holograms is their rival bands, the Misfits and later on in the series the Stingers.

The Misfits is a all-girl rock band that consist of Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer, and later on in the series Jetta, who have one thing in common which is to bring down Jem and the Holograms. Usually these girls cause all sorts of trouble for the story's heroine whether it be harmless pranks to near-death plots and situations. But usually in the end, the Misfits get the short end of the stick after their plots or plans backfire.


Pizzazz, or Phyllis Gabor, is the lead singer and leader of the Misfits. She has everything every girl would want thanks to her rich father but she is determined to make it big and famous. But despite this big dream, Pizzazz is arrogant, selfish, rude, and lazy. Even though her deposition makes her seem spoiled, many don't know that she was abandoned by her mother when she was little.   Pizzazz's outfits are like her in many ways such as loud. Usually wearing bright colors along with eye-catching accessories, Pizzazz always manage to catch the attention of those around her whether it be from her style, her attitude, or her striking green-blond hair.


Roxy, or Roxanne Pelligrini, is probably the toughest out of the Misfits and is not afraid to cause bad luck to anyone who gets in her way. She plays the guitar in the band but is wise with the streets thanks to her past experience of being on her own since she was 13 years old.  We learn in one episode that Roxy can't read because she never learned but that hasn't stopped her from trying. Roxy, just like Pizzazz has a look is determined to grab the attention of those who do or don't like them. With her Crayon white hair and purple/yellow makeup,  Roxy style is somewhat similar to my own, tough yet stylish.


Probably the most out of place character in the Misfits, is Stormer or Mary Phillps. As the youngest member of the Misfits, Stormer also has conscience compared to the other members of the group. Even though she rarely stands up for herself in the group, Stormer is a triple threat in the group by playing the keyboard, guitar, and writing the songs and music in the group. P.S. her band nickname was chosen by Pizzazz but it makes you think what would've it been if she chosen it?


Jetta, or Shelia Burns, is the newest member of the group and boy can she stir up some trouble. Coming from a low-class family in England, she made her way to the U.S. through another band but left and later met up with the Misfits at a club while the Misfits were looking for a new member. While Pizzazz and Stormer like her sound and style, Roxy doesn't approve of her admittance to the group. Jetta plays the saxophone in the band. She was almost kicked out of the country by immigration if it wasn't for Pizzazz' s rich father. She is also a huge liar and went as far to say that she was close friends of with English Royal family and with a few celebrities. First thing about Jetta's style that caught my attention was her hair because it resembles a longer and crazier version of Tina Turner's hairstyle back in the 80s.


Reaction after Giant's World Series Win!

Hello all you online shakers and radio listeners this your edgy radio host Symone coming at you with latest news from the City by the Bay. If you haven't been living under a rock, then you guys have probably heard that the Giant's, SF's most-talked about sports team this season, won the World Series last night. Like in 2010, the celebrations began like a growing wave that started from the stadium and to the rest of the city. And let me say that the celebrations weren't only wild and crazy but also something that this city won't forget especially with burning muni buses, pictures of hilarious fan reactions, and lets not forget the ever-growing screams and fashion styles to support the champs. Now the most talked about question in everyone's mind is whether or not that the celebrations will get out of hand on Wednesday's parade in the city to celebrate the team and its 2nd World Series win? While you guys are guessing how to celebrate the win in your own way, check out the pics of the reactions of last night win below.  The first one is a pic a recently caught while walking around the Stonestown mall today wondering how the win might spike up sales to local Giants/Sports shops and when I saw the line outside one of the stores, I think its safe to say that its going to be a busy week for the store.

Giants fan Ronnie Gonsalvez along with others celebrate their team winning the World Series on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012. Photo: Mathew Sumner, Special To The Chronicle / SF 

Leo Funaki stands in front of a car that was turned over on Market St. in San Francisco after the Giants won the World Series on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012. Photo: Mathew Sumner, Special To The Chronicle / SF

People party at the intersection of Mission and 19th Streets in San Francisco Calif. celebrating the San Francisco Giants second World Series win in three years on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012. Photo: Alex Washburn, Special To The Chronicle / SF

Friday, October 26, 2012

Revamping MoodRose Radio

Hey guys this is your energetic host for the show, Symone, giving you the latest news and updates about the MoodRose Radio Show! So it has been 2 months since the beginning of the show and I have to say that I have to start working harder for listeners (present and future), and for myself in order to make the show one of the most talked about shows in the Bay Area! I know I'm a girl with big dreams buts its better being a girl with little dreams. Any way I'm going to revamp the show for this season because I want my show to go through different transformations but still the keep the originality. I want do less talk but just enough to leave the news in your heads but I can't make any promosies with my rants. I also want to change my title from DJ to just Symone because I don't think the DJ part  is needed, besides if  I want to be a well-known name its better to have the name first before the title. Now for the format of the show, I want to make sure that everyone gets an idea whats going on so along with my blog and there will be a Myspace that will contain the recording of past shows so you can catch up or listen to your favorite one. I'm also going to make changes to my blog and social media but I won't give it away just yet. I will feature more activity on social media as well such as broadcasting fashion and music events, new stores or hot products, Reviews and Opinions, Rumors or Truth Column, Recapping past shows, and an advice column.

So besides these new additions to the show and it's social media, the appearance will change but I won't give it away because were is the fun in that. I will also bring back the "Create your own MoodMusic Playlist" contest and do more promotion for the MoodMusic Playlist Page of the blog so you guys can share your own music playlists and see if they can be on the next show.

So this is Symone, your energetic host of the MoodRose Radio Show, telling you guys that the show is  Re-vamped while keeping its original flavor.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Frankinweenie - Movie Review


Hey radio listeners, if you guys have been listening to the show I have a segment to broadcast the latest in movie news. Whether it be movie rumors, truths, actors, actresses, etc! I decided to take my chance to review a movie today with my friend Ronnica and since were both kids at heart we decided to see the most logical film currently out, Frankenweenie.

 Now as avid fans of Tim Burton's works such as Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, we thought this movie was going to be an interesting take to the classic horror tale of the Frankenstein monster. The story of film starts off as a young boy, Victor Frankenstein, having fun with his dog, Sparky, Victor's only friend. Victor's only friend may be a dog but he's a smart kid with a lot of talent in science which is seen in the eyes of his creepy classmates and his equally if not more creepy science teacher, whose majorly inspired by the late Vincent Price. Anyway, the story in the film has it sad moments such as when Sparky is killed (twice) but there are also some funny moments in the film such as the Asian classmate having revive
his pet turtle but accidentally cause her to grow the size of Godzilla. When Ronnica and I saw that scene the first thought that came out of our mouths was "that's so totally Asian" (Not to be racist or anything but really a 50 foot turtle monster! We get Godzilla started a trend but hey isn't the possibility of a remake enough!) Anyway besides the 50 foot turtle monster there is also crazy short sea monkeys, a uber creepy cat/bat hybrid, and a unknown pet that's only move is crawling at a slow pace but is ultimately killed later on by the turtle which I think is ironic and funny, mainly ironic. So some of the scenes and characters of the movie are short reminders of the legendary horror film, such as the town meeting against science, Edgar "E" as the Egor like character but is barely helpful towards the Victor Frankenstein in this film, the burning of the windmill, and the resuscitation of the monster or in this movie case monster dog. The plot line of the movie is probably the icing on this creepy Tim Burton cake because it contains the ever popular wit and spook that Burton is always able to provide his work.

So if you want to see a stop motion animation film by the legendary Tim Burton to revive your childhood Halloween spirit while having a few laughs then go see Frankenweenine. The shows in San Francisco are pretty limited so plan ahead and when I mean ahead I mean before Halloween!

P.S. If you do see the film guess to see which scene is a perfect shot for future merchandise of the film. Trust me, if you look close enough you can see the perfect scene shot as future toys or figurines for the film.