Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jem and the Holograms Fashion Inspiration Posts on the Rise!

Hello all you online surfers  this is the sassy Symone giving you the latest on the MoodRose Radio blog. I noticed a recent spike of looks on the Jem and the Hologram Fashion Recap posts and thought I should add my own take on the popular animated 80s tv show. So I decided to add inspirational boards based on the characters' individual style and attitude. Many of you may or may not like my take on the clothes I choose but hey in the world and philosophy of style, it doesn't matter whether or not other people like it but rather you like it because it fits your look, personality, and/or attitude. The most recent boards I have posted up so far are from the band the Misfits, with Pizzazz in the lead and Roxy in a close second. I should have Stormer up by the end the of this week and then its off to the team of Jem and the Holograms. I feel like its going to take a while just to narrow down my favorite looks from the band! Well I hope you see the latest fashion inspiration boards on the site so far and to keep on the lookout for more Jem and the Holograms Fashion Inspiration boards in the upcoming future. This has been you sassy and styling host, Symone, giving you the latest on the MoodRose Radio blog. Keep on styling and rockin online explorers! Catch ya later!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fashion Show Mob Trend on the Rise!

We all heard of flash mobs, you know where a large group of gals and guys are dancing to a well known track. Well this trend started sub trends and the one of them is about to be a new outlet of inspiration and style. Flashion mobs are random fashion shows were local or underground designers have a chance to showcase their work in public settings. Whether it be a park, a street, a sidewalk, heck even on a college campus, Flashion mobs are started to becoming the independent way to express and promote your designs. A well known example of this trend is when Little Jenny Humpfree of TV drama show,  Gossip Girl, showcased her own line through a fashion mob.

                                          (Forgive the quality of the video if its too blurry)

Little did we know that this genius became a catalyst to the trend of fashion mobs. The trends spread mainly through TV dramas such as Gossip Girl. Another example of this trend was recently shown in the Monster High TV Special, Scrais City of Frights. Clawdeen, the uber-fashionista of the ghouls unintentionally used a flashion mob to attract the attention of a world-class fashion designer in Scaris (Monster High's version of Paris, France).  This flashion mob is towards the end of the movie special but its a chance for Clawdeen to present her freaky fab fashion aesthetic to the parisian monster fashion industry.

(Self-made video of Flashion Mob) (Spoiler Alert for Monster High Fans who haven't seen the special yet)
(Music = Fashion by Lady Gaga) (Video = Clip from Monster's High TV Special Scaris City of Frights)

So to all those dreaming of becoming a designer or needs a way to showcase their designs in the cheapest way as possible, then look into the flashion mob business. The more, the better! This is the styling Lady Symone signing off. Keep on styling and rocking on the net readers! Catch ya later!