Thursday, April 11, 2013

3-D Music Computer Super Star is Getting Glam Up in Designer Duds

This is goody for fashion-forward otakus out there in the webaverse! Hastune Miku, one of Japan's hottest pop superstar is getting styled by Marc Jacob's new 2013 Spring line. You might wondering why this is important well if the name Hastune Miku doesn't ring a bell, let me give background check. Miku is not only known for her wide fan base and having sold out concerts and appearances  but she also a hologram. Yeah, that's right a hologram! Miku is Vocaloid, which is a system that generates a computer generated voice and produce an image of character singing through synthesizing tech. Now for those who do know Miku and know that her signature look is school-girl uniform with a techy edge. (Probably a hint that she's a computer) Any who, Miku is starting a new project and "she" probably thought its time for a fashion makeover. This is were Marc Jacosb and his new spring line comes in. With the new Louis Vuitton Spring look, Jacobs is planning on styling the computer animated pop star to make her look more dramatic for her new project. 

Miku's project, a stage opera called "The End", which opened in Japan in December. The performance is said to be so popular that it's going to be showcased in Tokyo first and then continue on to Paris, France. (Maybe France is liking Miku's new look). Below is a teaser clip of the performance and personally, I think it looks a little weird and the clothes don't seem that dramatic. (Especially the yellow checkered dress). If you think she's rocking the look well, post it on the comment board and check out more of Hastune Miku's and her new opera on the web. Catch ya later!!!
-Symone M.