Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Beginning of MoodRose Radio

Hello my fellow blog readers and radio listeners, my name is Symone and I'm hear to present my  blog for my new radio show MoodRose Radio. I have to admit having my own radio show seemed like it was going to be a difficult task to keep up for this year, with school and a part-time job but with some help from the internet and my trusty smart phone I think I can manage well enough to make my show a success.

So I bet your probably wondering how did a semi-normal girl like me got the opportunity to have her own public access radio show? Well the answer is BECA 305. If you don't know what that is then your probably not a student at San Francisco State University and your not in the BECA program. BECA is short for Broadcasting and Electronic Communications, one of the best majors at San Francisco State University. So far I'm in love with the program, from the interesting classes to its helpful and memorable faculty. Anyway one of classes I'm currently taking is BECA 305, a class were you learn to program and promote your own radio show! I admit its sounds pretty cool to have your own radio show but the rule for the class was that you had to partner up with another classmate to run a show. Sadly I couldn't find a partner and ended up to be the only radio show with only person at the control, me!

At first it seems bad but in reality I find it a way to really unleash my creative side to this class by talking about interests and news that relate to me such as fashion, music, movies, and the latest news from the entertainment industry. Another unique concept about the show is the music. You see I noticed that some shows play a specific type of music such as jazz, hip-hop, punk, heavy metal, and old-school classics. Well rather than stick with the repeating trend, I decided that the music playlist of each show will contain songs that relate to the type of mood I choose for the show. For example, the mood I choose for the music playlist of show today was energetic and determine, so I played songs I feel relates to the mood. The songs themselves aren't meant to incite the mood I choose for the playlist but to see whether or not the music is something you would generally listen to when your in that mood.

So that's the story how a semi-normal girl like me got a show of her own on the radio. So if your interested in listening in and hearing about the topics and news that I find interesting tune in on Thursday at 9am at KSFS radio on KSFS.SFSU.EDU!!

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