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Sept. 27 Radio Show

Hey listeners and online shakers! This is your witty and well-informed host DJ Symone coming at you with a recap from this morning radio show, MoodRose Radio. I have to say, for a radio virgin, I did a pretty good job with yesterday's show because I made sure that the news for today was interesting enough to grab the attention of any morning listener. I also made sure to include my new radio segments, Tech Talk, Music News, Celebrity Spotlight, Movie Talk, and Fashion Spot. So let's recap!!

The theme mood music playlist of the show was anger and I repeatedly warned everyone that the playlist was not meant to cause the emotion anger but rather showcase songs that I thought people would listen to in order to release their pent up energy through a healthy outlet. Anyway the songs included in this playlist were "Fighter" by Christina Aguileria, "Hell is for Childern" by Pat Benatar, "Back in the Day" by Megadeth, and "Enjoy the Silence" by Lauren Coil. The image below is my character for today's show, the rocker chick who releases her anger through her music.

Fashion Spot was a time to talk about the craziness and creativity coming out of fashion world on a daily basis. The news today included Strawberry Shortcake being the inspiration for a fashion charity auction during Paris Fashion Week, the biggest fashion emergency at the Emmy Awards were the victim was Modern Family's Sofia Vergara and Sarah Jessica Parker or Carrie Bradshaw (from her show Sex in the City), guest role on last night episode of Glee. Keija Minor, was named the Editor-in-Chief of Brides Magazine and will be the very 1st African-American to ever head up any of the 18 titles at Conde Nast. I have to say that this piece of news inspired me immensely because I rarely hear the accomplishments from women coming from a diverse and/or ethnic background as the head of an important magazine in the fashion industry. So knowing that there is one more person out there the fashion industry to inspire future Magazine Editors-in Chiefs coming from different ethnic backgrounds earns major brownie points on my blog and radio show.

Tech Talk, another segment of the show presented news that related to the growing technology in the world and the people involved in the movement. Such news included President of Google getting arrested in Brazil, record sales of Apple's Iphone 5, and the unveiling of the new HD Nook Tablet from Barnes and Noble.Will this new tablet be the breaking point for the current tablet wars between android and apple? I doubt it but it doesn't hurt to watch. And in a not so surprising turn of events, Apples sells 5 million of Iphone 5 in the first weekend. But even with this amazing sales record, the mixed reviews on the device itself keep on coming such as the new Lighting connectors compatibility issues and the Apple Maps app. The President of Google getting arrested?!?! And in Brazil? This shocking turn of events was caused after a judge in Brazil issued a warrant for the arrest of President because the President of Google, Fabio Caelho, failed to take down certain videos critical for a mayoral candidate. Caelho is expected to be released as soon as he agrees to appear in court. Will he appear? Will he ever go back to Brazil for vacation time again? 

Movie Talk, talks about the lastest news in the movie industry, from the stars to the production of the movie itself. The news on this segment include the remaining time left for the production of the remake of The Lone Ranger, were one of the main stars is the luscious and devilishly handsome Johnny Deep. Finally, news that Henry Selick was thought to be saved by Lakia Studios after his new project was been rejected by Disney Studios but sadly the didn't come up with a deal in the end.

Celebrity Spotlight touched on news concerning celebrities and their issues, such as Usher rescheduling his tour to take time off to spend time with his children. You have to give the man props to change his work schedule to spend time with family, especially after winning primary custody of his sons from his ex-wife. Another celebrity that hit the spotlight was Robert Pattinson, who surprised us this week by moving back in with his thought to be ex-lover Kristen Stewart. Even though their living togther again after Stewart cheated on Pattinson with the director of her film Snow White and Huntsman, Rupert Sanders; sources claim that Pattinson is currently extra-sensitive and insecure. Finally, the daughter of legendary lead singer of KISS, Sophie Tweed-Simmons, performed at the auditions of the X-factor in San Francisco. Sophie said that she wants to break away from her father's shadow and create a platform for herself. She was disappointed that the judges slowly began to recognize her as the daughter of Gene Simmons, Lead singer of KISS, but after giving a rendition of Adele's "Make You Feel My Love" the 3 out of the 4 judges gave her the chance to move on up in the competition.

Music News, my favorite segment, featured news that span from sad news to news that can leave you scratching your heads wondering what in the h$#%/. Sad news, was that Andy Williams passed away on Wednesday after a year long battle with bladder cancer. If you don't know Andy, then start researching but I will give you a quick overview of his major accomplishments in the entertainment industry. Williams recorded 18 gold and 3 platinum records during a 70 year long career, is well-know for singing "Moon River", his show The Andy Williams Shows, and for starring in his popular clean-cut Christmas specials. Williams was 84 when he passed away. My thoughts and prays go out to his family and friends. In other news, Madonna strikes back with more craziness that is making me shake my head in grief. Madonna said that she was ironic when said that President Obama was a black Muslim and as way to urge fans to vote for the president. I have to say that Madonna should stop were she is now before she causes another continent to get mad at her, I mean didn't she leave enough damage left behind in Europe and Russia? Fiona Apple apologized for overshadowing her latest record, The Ilder Wheel, after her recent arrest in Texas for hash and marijuana possession.

And Cut!!! Thus ending the recap of this week show. If you want to know the exciting news, topics, and possible randomness of my show next week look up on the show's Facebook page :, the official blog which you are currently reading, and the Pin interest page @ and check the board for MoodRose Radio.
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