Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Contest Time!!!

Hello readers and online radio listeners!!! This is your radio host DJ Symone giving you a chance to have your "mood" music playlist air on the MoodRose Radio show! So here are the details, I'm going to spout out 5 words that will the describe the mood music playlist for this week show and its going to be your job to find out what the music playlist moods are with each song played on air. If you guess right to the moods played on the show then you can have your own mood music playlist played on the show next week. Now the trick to the contest is that not only will you have to find out the moods on the music playlist but you will also have to match the moods to the songs played on the show. If you match the moods with the songs correctly, then you win. If you want to submit your answers, you can either place in the comments section of this post or message it to the show's Facebook page at The deadline for the answer is Oct. 9. I will reveal the winner or winners (Hey its possible to have the exact answers at the same time), on Oct. 10th. So if you want to showcase your rad music play listing skills then by all means listen in and guess the moods and match them up to the songs played on the MoodRose Radio show tomorrow at 9am on So without further ado, the 5 words that will describe the moods of the music playlist of tomorrow's show:
1. Mature
2. Mollify
3. Inquisitive
4. Blithe
5. Unconventional

If you have no idea what these words mean then by all means use a dictionary but before you do think about this, where is the fun in that? Besides this a killer chance to expand your vocabulary. So if you guess the moods and match them up with the songs played on tomorrow's show, then you have a chance to air your mood music playlist on next week's show. So tune in, guess it, match it, and win it!! 

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