Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Preview of Tomorrow's Show

Hey online shakers and radio listeners, this is the spooktastic Symone giving you the 411 on the possibilities and possibles on tomorrow's show. Possibilities for tomorrow show is the update on Hurricane Sandy and how it could possible turn a profit for some shops in the NYC. Another is the fan reaction of SF Giant's World Series Win, the Parade, and the best dressed or costume for the parade, Halloween, or both! A true blue possible for the show tomorrow my talk about how fashion is inspiring a bigger voter turnout this year, is it thanks to the fashion feud between Ann Romney and Michelle Obama? Whose the best dressed lady of politics? I give you the dets and you decide! The show will include the weekly news from the fashion, music, and film industries to keep those who want to be well-informed about the ins and outs of the entertainment world of today. And last but certainly not least is my celebrity spotlight spot, where I bring you the latest in celebrity gossip and giving you my own heartfelt opinions about the matter, and when I mean heartfelt I mean I can either bash it or praise it. So if your interested in hearing a sassy girl giving you the latest in celebrity gossip with her own sarcastic opinions to top it off like the icing on the cupcake, then tune tomorrow at 9am at I will also post up the theme song for this week show, which I'm sorry to say that it won't be Halloween or Thanksgiving related. Like I could find a song for Thanksgiving anyway. So look out for my next post coming soon for the weekly theme song and tune in tomorrow @ 9am at to hear your edgy host here give you the latest dish in entertainment, talk, and gossip. See ya then!

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