Friday, October 26, 2012

Revamping MoodRose Radio

Hey guys this is your energetic host for the show, Symone, giving you the latest news and updates about the MoodRose Radio Show! So it has been 2 months since the beginning of the show and I have to say that I have to start working harder for listeners (present and future), and for myself in order to make the show one of the most talked about shows in the Bay Area! I know I'm a girl with big dreams buts its better being a girl with little dreams. Any way I'm going to revamp the show for this season because I want my show to go through different transformations but still the keep the originality. I want do less talk but just enough to leave the news in your heads but I can't make any promosies with my rants. I also want to change my title from DJ to just Symone because I don't think the DJ part  is needed, besides if  I want to be a well-known name its better to have the name first before the title. Now for the format of the show, I want to make sure that everyone gets an idea whats going on so along with my blog and there will be a Myspace that will contain the recording of past shows so you can catch up or listen to your favorite one. I'm also going to make changes to my blog and social media but I won't give it away just yet. I will feature more activity on social media as well such as broadcasting fashion and music events, new stores or hot products, Reviews and Opinions, Rumors or Truth Column, Recapping past shows, and an advice column.

So besides these new additions to the show and it's social media, the appearance will change but I won't give it away because were is the fun in that. I will also bring back the "Create your own MoodMusic Playlist" contest and do more promotion for the MoodMusic Playlist Page of the blog so you guys can share your own music playlists and see if they can be on the next show.

So this is Symone, your energetic host of the MoodRose Radio Show, telling you guys that the show is  Re-vamped while keeping its original flavor.

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