Monday, October 22, 2012

Frankinweenie - Movie Review


Hey radio listeners, if you guys have been listening to the show I have a segment to broadcast the latest in movie news. Whether it be movie rumors, truths, actors, actresses, etc! I decided to take my chance to review a movie today with my friend Ronnica and since were both kids at heart we decided to see the most logical film currently out, Frankenweenie.

 Now as avid fans of Tim Burton's works such as Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, we thought this movie was going to be an interesting take to the classic horror tale of the Frankenstein monster. The story of film starts off as a young boy, Victor Frankenstein, having fun with his dog, Sparky, Victor's only friend. Victor's only friend may be a dog but he's a smart kid with a lot of talent in science which is seen in the eyes of his creepy classmates and his equally if not more creepy science teacher, whose majorly inspired by the late Vincent Price. Anyway, the story in the film has it sad moments such as when Sparky is killed (twice) but there are also some funny moments in the film such as the Asian classmate having revive
his pet turtle but accidentally cause her to grow the size of Godzilla. When Ronnica and I saw that scene the first thought that came out of our mouths was "that's so totally Asian" (Not to be racist or anything but really a 50 foot turtle monster! We get Godzilla started a trend but hey isn't the possibility of a remake enough!) Anyway besides the 50 foot turtle monster there is also crazy short sea monkeys, a uber creepy cat/bat hybrid, and a unknown pet that's only move is crawling at a slow pace but is ultimately killed later on by the turtle which I think is ironic and funny, mainly ironic. So some of the scenes and characters of the movie are short reminders of the legendary horror film, such as the town meeting against science, Edgar "E" as the Egor like character but is barely helpful towards the Victor Frankenstein in this film, the burning of the windmill, and the resuscitation of the monster or in this movie case monster dog. The plot line of the movie is probably the icing on this creepy Tim Burton cake because it contains the ever popular wit and spook that Burton is always able to provide his work.

So if you want to see a stop motion animation film by the legendary Tim Burton to revive your childhood Halloween spirit while having a few laughs then go see Frankenweenine. The shows in San Francisco are pretty limited so plan ahead and when I mean ahead I mean before Halloween!

P.S. If you do see the film guess to see which scene is a perfect shot for future merchandise of the film. Trust me, if you look close enough you can see the perfect scene shot as future toys or figurines for the film.

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