Thursday, October 4, 2012

Contest Fluke

Hello listeners and online shakers! I need to address an issue about my recent music playlist contest. I'm sorry to say that I don't think my contest is going to have a winner. The reason why I say that the contest won't have a winner because I didn't play the full music playlist for the whole show so most of the words to guess the moods of the music playlist is left unfilled. So I don't know whether or not that you can match the moods to the songs played on the show. So instead I will not resume the contest but in stead will construct a page or a post on the site where you the readers and listeners will have the opportunity to submit their mood music playlist to me in order to decide when your music playlist will be played on the show! The playlist can have 1 to 3 moods to it but you have to describe them with each song on the playlist. There can only be 5 songs on the playlist because there are has to be time to present the news and what not on the show. Any way, I sorry to say that contest wasn't successful but I'm willing to compromise. So check out the show's Facebook page and the blog for details about the new page or post and have the chance to submit your own mood music playlist.

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