Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lack of Comments to Posts

Hello readers and radio listeners, this is your super styling DJ Symone bringing you the latest "what the heck" moment. With my recent posting of the show's blog and Facebook page, I'm disappointed to see that nobody has left any comments! Now if you thought that this was a blog were you get to hear me spout off about some kind of interesting news, think again because this isn't only about me but its also about you, the readers and radio listeners. I made this blog for the show because I don't only want to share more ideas and news that I wasn't able to broadcast on the show but I want the readers and listeners to comment and spread the word about the show, the news on the show, or whatever. So post up some comments so you can stay connected with me and show. P.S. I might mention you and your comments on the show if that will give you guys a little more incentive.

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