Monday, October 8, 2012

New Store in DownTown San Francisco

Hello online shakers and radio listeners this is your resident fashion freak/DJ Symone coming at you with the latest news from the city by the Bay. Now last weekend there were a truckload of events going on in the city such as the Strictly Bluegrass Festival, going to see the Giants play, and the American Cup, but lets remember that to some people shopping at a new store is also consider an event. Especially when the store is offering wicked promo deals, amazing quality clothing, and grade A customer service that makes shopping at UNIQLO the best for those looking for casual and/or professional clothing.

If you guys are wondering what the heck is UNIQLO, let me explain. You see Uniqlo is a retail clothing store all the way from Japan and its already in the process of expanding in the US. With 4 stores already in New York City and another about to open up in New Jersey, the expansion is already coming along rapidly. But a huge honor has been placed for the UNIQLO in San Francisco because its not only one of the beginning stores in the US but its also the 1st one to open on the West coast. Big Deal? Your better believe it! Anyway the killer deals that were offered this weekend are something out of daily shopaholic dream such as 9.90 denim jeans in different colors, 49.90 Ultra Premium Down Light Jacket that can keep you warm while looking stylish, and my favorite is the 6 pair of color socks for 9.90. Why socks? Well this deal can turn on any shopping maniac especially when you can choose from a wall filled of different colored socks. From normal dark colors such as gray and black to bright and funky colors like orange, purple, yellow, and red. And don't think that all of the colors because there are more than that, in fact there are 44 different colors you can choose from! And you can also mix and match with any of the 44 colors on the sock wall,  which is pratically the deal breaker to this killer deal.

Its normal for the new kid on the block to be nervous about how the kids will think of them, well UNIQLO is not your normal everyday retail store. So if want to check the new killer deals at a new wicked cool retail store from the land of the rising sun, go on the M-line train of  San Francisco Muni, get off at Powell and go to the near the Cable cars until you see a huge white building with their well known insignia on display.

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