Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hangout Spot - The Depot

Whether it be eating lunch  after a long 3 hour class or just to hang out with friends while listening to music. The best place to do all those activities and more is at the well-known hang out of San Francisco State University, The Depot. The origin of the Depot is unknown but let me give the general rundown of this cool, laid-back atmosphere. The Depot is a student-run and student-funded venue of the Cesar Chavez Student Center, located on the San Francisco State Campus. All of the shows, unless stated otherwise, are all ages, free, and open to the public.

Now the Depot schedules different bands and artists to perform for the creative and happening student crowd of San Francisco State. But besides having a wicked line of performers coming out to perform, the Depot also hosts an Open Mic Night, where students have the chance to perform and entertain the crowd to the best of their abilities. Speak! another event hosted by the Depot is a perfect event for those who want to showcase their poetic skills to a crowd wants to hear a wide variety of poetry. So if you want to hear music while relaxing, hanging out with friends, or studying for the next class, check out the Depot. And if you want the chance to spout out your poetry, rhymes, or raps to a crowd who relishes to hear a wide variety of creativity from such poems, rhymes, and raps, then check out the Depot at San Francisco State. If you want to check out the different events going on at the Depot then click on the link below to see the events going on the month of October.


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